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"The purpose of this email is to express my gratitude with regards to the services provided by Bharat. Babu has worked with us at PS for a few months and worked in the past with Philips electronics, I’m quite confident that Bharat can definitely assist both Permanent staffing needs. They have good contact as they helped us in one the strategic role in PS- Healthcare managing director. As far Perot exp Bharat specializes on staffing all types of IT Specialists. It seems to me that he has great candidate management skills and is able to find that elusive. I have thrown him a couple of curved balls over the months but he has always taken them into his stride and ultimately delivered on our specific requirements. All in all, I look forward to Babu to add value to our sourcing strategy in the future."

Karthik Purushotham
Talent Acquisition Manager for Dell Perot systems – APS -EMEA

"I personally know Babu for more than 6 years now. He is a through professional who keeps up to his commitments and ensures that you do not slip on your deliveries. He understands the nuances of the Hi-tech industry and business requirements very well and goes all out to execute his commitments. Babu is a very pleasant person and a pleasure to work with. I wish him all the very best in his personal life and professional ventures."

Shiva Sundar
General Manager - HR, Samsung.

"Bharat has been an extremely responsive search partner. Their extensive network helped us to attract the best talent in the semiconductor industry; they are one of our lead search partners."

Chethan Kadamba
Sr. HR Manager - NXP Semiconductor.

"Bharat Headhunters: I have known the promoter and few of the recruiters for about 5 years now. Some of the highlights about this team are – they understand the IT Industry very well, they do an excellent job of profiling against the required skills; identify the right people with a good turnaround time. In essence, they are Head Hunters in the true sense and not mere recruiters."

Arief Ahmed
Sr. HR Manager – Yahoo

"Bharat has been a valuable interface between the job seekers and Infineon. He has in-depth knowledge of semiconductor domain, quickly weighs a situation and foresees risks and then plans and executes. He is passionate about his work and has great convincing skills. He understands the needs of the clients well and has the right contacts in the industry to attract the right kind of candidates. Bharat has been extremely diligent & aggressive in doing the research and in understanding the needs of our business. I really appreciate his smart work to help us in our efforts to hire nothing short of the best. He has a good follow-up mechanism in place to ensure that the offered candidates join."

Nanda Kumar
HR, Staffing – Infineon Technologies

“I have found Bharat as a pleasing personality. As the CEO at Bharat Headhunters, he has done very well to match Executive level openings with the right person.”

Dr. Pankaj Gupta
CE, Dell Services

"I have known Bharat since 2003, he has supported in very niche hiring for Philips electronics. From then till now I refer him to all my known HR futurity for any senior or niche search as his confidence and focus tagged with passion for recruiting is amazing."

Lead Recruiter

“Bharat is a detail-oriented resourcing manager who knows exactly what he is doing; we got what we wanted from him. I recommend him strongly."


“Bharat is one amazing person whom i have ever worked with, Talk 2 Headhunter !!!!!! indeed its talking to the Head Hunter himself.... Worked with him for critical positions and his headhunting skills along with technical knowledge helped us to get the right candidates.”

Deepak Bharat
Akamai Technologies

“Bharat is known for headhunting skill, his forte is in multiple domain, Embedded, Telecom & Semiconductor area.. also technical & non technical area. He will find the right person that you are looking for in a jiffy, very unique skill of Bharat is that he is man of few words, but his work speaks volumes.. Wish Bharat very best..& i know whom to approach if I have to find the toughest skill any time”

Vijay Manjeshwar
Sr. Manager HR at COLT Technology Services

“I have known Bharat for over three years now and have found him to be an extremely high energy individual, who is passionate about his professional deliverables and commitments. He was always meticulous in his approach to any assignment entrusted to him. He has a sportive attitude, Bharat is really a great friend to all those who know him. He is one guy who can take on anyone anytime anywhere over anything in this world.”

Nithin Chandra
HR-Staffing, Perot Systems

“Bharat is a thorough professional in the recruitment business which I have seldom found in other consultants. He keeps the information pretty straight forward and is quite prompt in his follow-ups. He has great knowledge in the recruitment domain along with his ever positive attitude. Would love to deal with him in any future assignments and would highly recommend companies to hire him for all their recruitment needs.”

Kunal Ganguly
Director - Worldwide Support Services, Aperto Network

“Bharat is hardworking, meticulous professional, good in anticipating challenges and planning to tackle them accordingly. He is a self starter & is extremely committed and passionate about his work. His willingness to take risk and experimenting with new ideas boosts his Versatility. He's very disciplined and hard working & has a keen desire to succeed. He's a benchmark for aspiring young entreprenuers. Apart from work, he is a wonderful human being with a wonderful sense of humour.”

Upasna Kaushik
Business Associate, GlobalCynex Inc., Singapore

“I have known Bharat for many years now and he is a true Professional. He can give expert guidance to those who are looking forward for a bright career. He has got unique qualities like acknowledging the issue, thinking over it and providing a best possible solution. Highly recommended Management preofessional.”

Prem Kumar Kondaparthi
Resource Manager, Everest Consulting Group Inc

"I would like to brief only two things about Mr.Bharat. 1.He always believe that the customer is the main purpose of any buisness and there is no end for improvement and better quality,this shows his commitement towards his profession and customer 2.He never entertains the windowshoping of the candidates as he believes that there should a genuine reasons to change the employer more over he always discuss about the candidates growth in the industry as a better techie,manger etc... rather getting a short time monitory benifit.This shows his responsibility towards the candidates."

Mithun Poonja
HR, IFB Automotive Private Limited

“Bharat worked as my business partner when I was hired as HR Head at Rambus India. He is a superb recruiter and has great business sense, too. Fast in closing candidates, he also has the added asset of constantly keeping his clients (at least in my case) updated on the progress of the search and hiring. I would like to rate him up there in terms of the recruiting service experts I have met/interacted with. Personable, On Time, High Integrity."

Uday Menon
HR Head, Rambus


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