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"Bharat Headhunters: The key for better hire since 2007"

Bharat Headhunters Pvt Ltd is India's leading providers of specialist Headhunting Training, Mentoring and Advice to the Recruitment sector. We provide a wide range of open and in-house recruitment training courses for both external and internal recruiters, Consultancy Services.

Simply put, Headhunting is our passion.

Bharat Headhunters CEO, Bharat is one of India's foremost recruitment industry experts specializing in training for recruiters, coaching, consultancy, mentoring and advising both face-to-face and remotely.

Bharat has more than a decade experience in Headhunting and has been his passion.

How we are different:

Even though there are couple of recruitment/HR training institutes across India, we don't have exclusive Headhunting training schools.

This is not like any traditional training with a bookish trainer. This training will be personally handled by Bharat and his well-trained Headhunters who are working on headhunting assignments from many corporates.

It is a finishing course for any individual who aspire to be a successful headhunter.

Course Content:

Headhunting Management:

  1. Recruitment – an understanding
  2. Standard Process followed and the effectiveness
  3. Introduction to Headhunting
  4. Introduction to active and passive candidates
  5. Understanding client requirement
  6. Pre-Headhunting Planning
  7. Identifying Headhunting grounds
  8. How to reach out to the passive candidates:
    1. Mind blocking techniques
    2. Situational Talk
  9. Converting passive candidates into business
  10. Other techniques of sourcing
  11. Live Case studies.

Process Management:

  1. Screening Profile
  2. Preparing email content
  3. Presenting candidates write-up in an effective manner
  4. Formats
  5. Live Case Studies

Client Management:

  1. Preparing different trackers
  2. Methods of follow-up
  3. Techniques of client-relationship management
  4. How to stand out in the crowd
  5. How to get noticed and be a preferred recruiter
  6. Scheduling client meeting
  7. Meeting Management
    1. Behaviour in client meeting
    2. Techniques to be followed in the meeting
  8. Business Development Techniques
  9. Feedback mechanism
  10. Live Case Studies

Interview Management:

  1. How to avoid no shows
  2. Scheduling candidate
  3. Email Format for interview schedule
  4. Pre & Post interview follow-up with the candidate and the client
  5. Live Case Studies

Offer Management:

  1. Post offer follow-up
    1. Technique of meeting offered candidates personally
    2. Building network
  2. How to avoid offer declines
  3. Live Case Studies

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