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Dear Customer,

Bharat Headhunters Pvt Ltd, ISO 9001 : 2008 organisation is built upon the foundation of quality and value. These are abiding virtues, which will stand us in good stead in spite of the ups and downs.

I intend to make our group companies the best in the world and pursue this goal seriously; as I am sure you pursue your goals equally seriously. I have always aimed at delighting you and giving you nothing but the best.

It is my passion to deliver a world-class service.

I make this happen, by being personally involved and ensure that every profile sent meets your criteria. I am proud of our highly talented headhunting team whom I have personally hand-picked and approved after a rigorous training program.

Remember that headhunters don't find jobs for people. That's not our business. We fill positions for our client companies, and that involves searching through our networks, not responding to unsolicited resumes.

So, leave the worries and trust on Team Bharat.

I try hard to exceed what you expect, however, if I have missed something or fallen short of meeting your expectations, please feel free to mail me directly at

I invite you to partner with us and experience an unforgettable result my team and I strive to create every day.

We also conduct written test and interview for the candidates at our premises at no extra cost.

Friends, in conclusion, I would state that I am optimistic about the future of our company and the various businesses that we have planned.

I would like to thank all those who have made this possible, including our employees, suppliers, customers and of course bankers, all of you for your consistent support.

Warm personal regards,

CEO & Corporate Headhunter

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